SAI (Société d`Acoustique Industrielle) Suzhou, created in 2005, is a fully owned subsidiary of SAI which headquarters locate in France. SAI is a leading multi-national engineering corporation in the field of industrial noise control, which is specializing in the integration of R&D innovation,projects design to be tailor made and products manufacture. SAI’s engineering scope and products are applied to gas turbine power generation;chemical and petrochemical industry; jet engine test in the area of automobile, aircraft & navigation; general manufacturing industry and so on.Thus, its noise control products, in all projects, branded as ‘SAI’ are popularly sold and famous over the world.

Currently the dedicated solution made by SAI mainly covers, including butnot limited to, the optimized technical design and noise control productmanufacture for gas turbines and generators, which included gas turbineenclosure, combustion air intake system, ventilation system, steel structureplatform, oil mist eliminator, kinds of acoustic barrier, reduced pressuresilencers, blow-down silencers at high temperature and high pressureconditions, and anechoic chamber design with the supply of acousticalmaterials for the measurement of the jet engine’s noise. In SAI Suzhou, we are providing our best tailor-making service from the professional project solution making, optimized technical design, and high quality gas turbine & generator enclosure, barrier & oil mist eliminator manufacturing in gas turbine power industry and general industry to various non-standard industrial silencers as well as the service of noise test for different clients according to Chinese market demand.

Thanks to our professional technical design and support by the experts, engineers and technicians in France, Germany and worldwide, we are able to provide timely our customized solutions in accordance with different customers’ demands in terms of noise control field. By cooperating with more than 300 famous different industrial companies around 40 countries, SAI keeps continually on developing and growth. All these achievements are due to our pursuit in excellence, continuous innovation , and total customer satisfaction, which are widely accepted and praised by our customers today.

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